EDIFY Summer Learning Event 2023


Our second EDIFY Summer Learning Event was held on the 30th of June 2023 at the Waterloo campus of King’s College London. This was the first in-person event to include the whole EDIFY team, with the attendance of representatives from each workstream, our youth advisory panel, and Beat!

The day started with a welcome and introduction talk given by Prof Ulrike Schmidt (PI) and Dr Helen Sharpe (Co-PI). This was followed by the researchers’ progress presentations for each workstream 1-5. 

In the afternoon, we had parallel sessions for the Youth Advisory Board Meeting (hybrid) and the Workstream 6 Knowledge Mobilisation Discussion.

The Youth Advisory Board Meeting was chaired by Bella Malvisi. The panel discussed their reflections on the past year of the programme and their involvement going forward, as well as feedback/recommendations for the research team on the ongoing projects. 

Our Workstream 6 Knowledge Mobilisation Meeting was chaired by Ms Sneha Raman. This focused on reflections on potential challenges and enablers to achieving and evidencing impact in each workstream.

The day ended with a discussion focused on monitoring and maximising impacts from EDIFY, with insightful contributions from EDIFY youth advisors. 

We were delighted to having such a wonderful meeting with lots of brilliant ideas for moving forward!

Our workstream 1 youth advisors Tallulah Street’s visual summary of the event can be accessed here!

EDIFY Summer Learning Event 2023

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