EDIFY Highlights from the Eating and Weight Disorder Showcase


The launch of the Centre for Research in Eating and Weight Disorders (CREW) hosted on November 7th, 2023, at King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN), brought together researchers, clinicians, artists, lived experience experts, and more, to explore current research in the eating and weight disorder field and its translation into evidence-based treatments. The event featured EDIFY researchers, investigators, and members of the Youth Advisory Board from across Work Streams sharing updates about the ongoing studies.

After a warm welcome from Professor Matthew Hotopf, Executive Dean of the IoPPN, the day kicked off with an introduction from Professor Ulrike Schmidt, Director of CREW and Principal Investigator of EDIFY, who delved into the history and development of eating disorder research, highlighting IoPPN’s global leadership in the field.

The morning continued with talks around Recognizing and Reducing Risk. Professor Sylvane Desrivières, of EDIFY Work Stream 2, gave an overview of the projects and analyses ongoing in her group, and discussed the use of large cohort datasets, such as IMAGEN and ESTRA, to identify biological markers of eating disorders and understand how different factors may influence illness development and progression. The second session showcased research on Improving Access to Treatment. EDIFY co-investigator, Dr Karina Allen, spoke about the national rollout of FREED, an early intervention service aimed at providing fast access to specialized treatments for young people with eating disorders. Next, EDIFY Co-Principal Investigator, Dr Helen Sharpe, shared insights from Work Streams 3 and 4, the STORY study. The talk highlighted the interesting use of remote measurement technology – RADAR apps and Oura smart rings- to deeply profile individuals with eating disorders, with minimal invasiveness, using the data to deepen understandings of illness progression and recovery trajectories. Finally, EDIFY investigator Professor Janet Treasure discussed the provision of training and resources to carers of eating disorder patients, designed alongside those with lived experience.

The lunch break featured an array of captivating stalls, where attendees could learn more about the diverse work being conducted across the university and collaborating institutions. EDIFY Work Stream 1 researchers from Glasgow School of Art, Ms Sneha Raman and Dr Tara French, hosted a pop-up engagement stall focusing on expressing and visualising diverse experiences of living with an eating disorder. Stalls from the EDGI, ESTRA, and STRATIFY cohorts shared updates from their ongoing projects and provided further insights into the plethora of data used in Work Stream 2 analyses. The STORY study stall allowed attendees to test out the RADAR app and try on an Oura ring, whilst Work Stream 5’s stall, gave an overview of the upcoming RaISE neuromodulation trial and a chance to win a prize playing “Pin the Neuromodulation Coil on the Brain”.

The afternoon talks explored Working with Multi-Morbidity and Precision Treatments. Professor Iain Campbell presented ongoing work using non-invasive neuromodulation techniques, notably, the intermittent theta burst stimulation trial of Work Stream 5, RaISE.

The CREW showcase provided fascinating insights into the cutting-edge research and collaboration shaping the eating and weight disorder field. Thank you to all those who came and enjoyed the launch event with us. If you are interested in watching the presentations from EDIFY researchers or any of the other fantastic speakers, a full recording of the event can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMu1IiDBOHHA3Bae9-zC8_jXKNR7nNcWD.

Photography: Nathan Clarke Photography

EDIFY Highlights from the Eating and Weight Disorder Showcase

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