Turning points in eating disorders recovery among diverse individuals/ carers using adapted photovoice

The study 

Turning points in eating disorders recovery among diverse individuals/ carers using objects    

The purpose of the project is to explore turning points/periods of eating disorder recovery among diverse individuals and carers with lived experience through objects and associated recovery narratives.  

Who we would like to talk to 

We are interested in speaking to (1) individuals from underrepresented groups with lived experience of eating disorders and consider themselves as recovered or significantly improved, and (2) carers with experience of caring for someone from underrepresented groups with eating disorders, and their loved ones consider themselves as recovered or significantly improved.  

What is involved?  

Individuals will be invited to participate in an one hour interview to share their stories of turning periods of recovery, and if there is any significant object/ people/ places that influence their recovery. They are invited to take pictures of that object and share to the research team.  

They will also be invited to a 1.5-2 hour follow-up focus group workshop and share their photographs with other interested participants to discuss their meanings and themes together, where the photos of objects will be exhibited online and in a community exhibition.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact vanessa.yim@kcl.ac.uk for more information. 

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Need help, support or info?

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